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Buying a home is an important, exciting and sometimes stressful decision. Having a friend and advocate help guide you through the buying process can be truly invaluable, saving you headaches, time and money. As a member of several Real Estate Industry Associations I often get advanced previews of properties not yet on the market. In addition to previews I’ve had the pleasure of working with several private banks who offer advanced knowledge of properties in their portfolios which are in foreclosure but not on the open market.

There’s no shortage of information available to Buyers today. But how do you sort through it all? How can you separate neighborhoods, distinguish amenities like schools or walkability? Does that beautiful, well-priced home sit downwind from a landfill?

Perhaps the biggest help I can offer as a Buyer’s Agent is the ability to listen to your hopes and dreams for your new home and find properties that match your specific criteria. Each week I’m actively involved in previewing homes as well as working with other agents.

Navigating the buying process can be a tough process without someone ready and willing to sort through all the data available and advise you on options. With things like expansive soil and Radon gas in the Valley of the Sun you need someone on your side with professional partners ready and willing to check out your biggest investment. We’ve partnered with the best and brightest in their respective industries and vetted them so any surprises that may come up can be quickly and expertly resolved.

We’re always available to help you! Feel free to call, email or text anytime!
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